About Missloe Care

MissLoe Care is an independent supported living provider serving Leeds and Surrounding areas. With a passionate and loving care and support team, we ensure that the unique needs of every young person are fulfilled throughout their journey into adulthood. At MissLoe Care, we are genuinely passionate about empowering young people and moulding them into healthy, inspired, happy individuals, well-integrated into their communities.

We understand that every young person is different, hence our services are tailored to accept, support, and nurture each individual’s uniqueness while ensuring their safety, security and empowerment; helping them to live full, meaningful, and fulfilling lives.

Our Mission

MissLoe Care exists to make meaningful change in young people’s lives by empowering them with life skills, good morals and values; helping them to become confident and independent

Our Vision

We dream to become the supported living provider of choice in and around Bedfordshire by building and maintaining a reputation of good service and bringing positive change in our community.

Our Core Values

Customer services


We give great customer service to our clients, prospective clients, employees and applicants. Good customer service includes politeness, friendliness, respectful treatment, accurate information, and prompt problem resolution.


Diversity & Equality

We understand that every service user differs from the next and therefore offer service to all service users with the same dignity and respect.


We attend to every service users needs and demands with a spirit of urgency, to ensure that they are happy all the time.


MissLoe Care gives every service user the freedom of making their own choices. Our team deeply understands, accepts and supports the uniqueness of young people, ensuring their choices are put first.


Every young person is different, therefore we are very attentive to their individual needs. Good communication ensures we understand & know every service user so as to offer the best care & support.


Our care and support is delivered in ways that are regulated and approved by governing bodies